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Welcome to Takatso Agricultural Solutions

Takatso Agricultural Solutions is a South African-based purposeful women-owned organisation which provides agricultural consultancy services. Our services include agronomy services, training and development on mixed-farming production, agri-turnkey solutions, agri-infrastructure development, agri-quality management and soft skills workshops.

 It is our responsibility through our organisation to build relationships, in order for us to reach developed and underdeveloped individuals. We want to empower the unemployed youth, women, people living with disabilities, the under-privileged, rural and small businesses.



As an agricultural services provider Takatso Agricultural Solutions is motivated by the Chinese proverb that says “What we hear we forget. What we see we remember and what we do we know”. At Takatso Agricultural Solutions we put more emphasis on the practical hands-on aspect of training and development so that our farmers will know through doing. This approach, we believe, will allow the farmers to be effective productive participants in the agricultural sector. Coupled to this philosophy is the desire of the institution to produce entrepreneurs. To achieve this goal all our farmers will be exposed to agricultural methods so that they learn how to add value to their farm. This will enable enterprising farmers to achieve a sustainable return on investment as they will be able to capture a wider market through increased production.



Lerato is the Agronomist at Takatso Agricultural Solutions. She has over 12 years’ experience in farming having started in logistics and gradually developing into operations and production management.  

Lerato Botha has a Bachelor’s Degree of Agricultural Science, specialising in crop production and an Honours Degree in Agricultural Management, both acquired from the University of the Free State (UFS).


Rosy is the head of Learning and Development at Takatso Agricultural Solutions. She has over three decades’ experience in Learning and Development working for private and public sectors.

Rosy Botha acquired her Certificate and Diploma in Education Training and Development qualification at the University of Johannesburg (UJ), previously known as (RAU).


1.Agronomy Services

2.Training  and Workshops

3.Agri-turnkey Solutions

3.1 Farm Spatial Planning

3.2. Farm Infrastructure Development

4.Agri-Quality Management: Administration, Compliance, Operations, Production

Agronomy Services


Our Agronomy services entail regular farm visits which includes the monitoring of crop, soil and water conditions; crop, fertiliser and chemical recommendations; and soil, water and MRL testing.

We customise our services to fit the needs of the farmer. We take on farms of all sizes and at various production levels in order is to get our farmers well equipped to enter into formal market.


Training and Workshops

Takatso Agricutural Solutions specialises in crop and vegetable production.

What makes us a cut above the rest is that our training is more learner-centred, where 70% of the training is practical while only 30% is theory. We are sensitive that our training cannot be one-size-fits all as our learners come from different socio-economic backgrounds.

Entry requirements for our long term courses:

  • Access to piece of land to be able to farm.
  • Minimum schooling – Grade 10.
  • The ability to speak, read and write English.
  • Functional numeracy.
  • The ability to do physical farm work.
  • Commitment to farming.


Here are some Crop and Vegetables Production-Short Skills Programmes we offer:

Soft Skills are non-technical skills that describe how you work and interact with others. They reflect your communication style, work ethic, and work style. These skills include everything from how you talk to teammates to how you think about workplace problems.

Here are some of the Soft Skills programmes we offer:

Agri-turnkey Solutions


Agri-turnkey Solutions

We are a ‘one – stop – shop’ for agri-spatial planning and agri-infrastructure development. Our services are ideal for novel farmers who need assistance with their start-ups and for farmers who periodically expand and develop their production sites.

Agri-spatial Planning

We develop farm spatial plans from which farmers can plan their short and long team infrastructure development and production goals. Our layouts are also used for operational purposes such as production planning, emergency fire and evacuation plans – all information required for the maintenance of food safety certifications.

Agri-infrastructure Development

We provide construction services for the erection of greenhouse tunnels, nurseries, shade nets, cold storage facilities, packhouses, irrigation, water stations, and reservoirs.

Agri-Quality Management



  • Soil preparation
  • Variety selection
  • Irrigation selection
  • Human Resources


  • Crop production planning
  • Soil, water and MRL sampling
  • Farm layouts

Agri-Quality Management


  • Recordkeeping
  • Office organization


  • GlobalGAP
  • Pest Control
  • First-Aid Level 1
  • Fire Awareness
  • Health & Safety

Registration Number (AGRI/c prov/1453/21)


Office: 060 752 9867

Physical Address: Plot B49, Bultfontein 475, Hartbeespoort
Northwest 0216